Deck Plan

Paddlesteamer Emmylou

The PS Emmylou is one of the most iconic paddlesteamers in Australia and the world’s only commercially cruising accommodated Paddlesteamer. Powered by a beautifully restored 1906 Marshall & Sons steam engine, relax in the warm inviting atmosphere of a mid 1800s riverboat without sacrificing any of the modern conveniences.   

Emmylou Deck Plan
Stem Whislte Close up

Marshall Sons & Co History

In 1842 William Marshall bought the defunct engineering works of William Garland and Son at Back Street Foundry in Gainsborough. In 1849 he renamed it the Britannia Ironworks and began to produce road steam engines. In 1857 his son James Marshall become a partner and the company name was changed to William Marshall and Son. In 1861 another son, Henry Dickenson Marshall, became a partner. William Marshall died in 1861 and his two sons continued the business. It was incorporated as a limited company in 1862.

PS Emmylou is powered by a wood-fired 1906 Marshall Sons & Co Steam Engine with a top speed capacity of 8 knots.  

Skipper in Wheehouse
Funnel Steam